Street Posters

In this limited edition folio of his graphics, songs and poems, Eric Drooker presents ten years of work chronicling the political and cultural upheavals on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Drooker traces the neighborhood's radical history back two centuries in his written introduction and follows with dozens of arresting images, depicting the resistance of the beaten-down, the trod-upon and the forgotten in our brave new economic order. These visual protests debuted on lampposts and walls, but they have long since become part of the ongoing visual and psychic landscape of the Lower East Side.

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$69 signed (limited edition)

Winner of the Firecracker Alternative Book Award

80 pages, 2 colors, 12" x 9"
Seven Stories Press, paperback
ISBN# 10: 1888363770
ISBN# 13: 9781888363777
Limited Edition of 2,500 copies