Disguised as a book of innocent postcards, Slingshot is a dangerous collection of Eric Drooker's most notorious posters. Plastered on brick walls from New York to Berlin, tattooed on bodies from Kansas to Mexico City, Drooker's graphics continue to infiltrate and inflame the body politic.

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"When the rush of war parades are over, a simple and elegant reminder of humanity remains—in the work of Eric Drooker."
—Sue Coe "Drooker's iconic images have a way of lingering. I recently spied one of his stark cityscapes tattooed on the calf of a young traveler." —Sarah Ferguson, The Village Voice

68 pages, 3 color, 6" x 4 5/8"
Printed on 100% recycled paper, soy ink
PM Press, paperback
ISBN# 13: 978-1-60486-016-0